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Pick an adjustable grooming arm if various size dogs will use the table or if you have a puppy that will grow.

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This Go Pet Club Aluminum Dog Grooming Arm with Clamp controls the movement of your dog when you are grooming it.How to clip, shave, and tweeze every inch of your body, from the chest to (yup) way, way down under For most men, body grooming involves walking a delicate line between looking like a caveman on.

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Our grooming tables and accessories are the equipment you need to make it just as easy for you to groom your pet at home as the professionals.

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The same basic grooming tools are used for standard, miniature and toy Poodle grooming styles.

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Tableworks Toy Grooming Arm (complete with Clamp) Small Grooming Arm This arm is designed for small dogs and provides both strength and convenience while incorporating several of the same features as our larger grooming arms.

Height Adjustable Folding Grooming Table with Grooming Arm - Non-slip rubber matte surface, scrape-resistant and easy to clean. - The specially designed pyramidal surface helps reduce visual fatigue during long days.

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In the same way, learning how to groom a Miniature Poodle uses the same basic set of steps as learning to groom a toy or standard Poodle.When grooming small animals it is usually easiest to work on them when they are up on a grooming table.Our heavy duty bracket has a spring-loaded mechanism which prevents the post from slipping or dropping.

It keeps your dog standing in comfort and also eases the grooming process such as trimming and brushing of hair.They were a great product, and we most definitely hated to see them go.

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We have a lot of customers who used to own, (or still own,) Sett-R-Rite grooming tables.


The purpose of this Grooming Arm Safety Stand is to keep the dog safely on the table and free up both arms of the groomer to work on the dog.

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Do you want to take care of your grooming needs at home with professional equipment.A grooming arm is a fantastic help when it comes grooming your dog.Groom Professional Single Grooming Arm (70 cm) This is a really high quality that stretches 70 cm across the table which is one of the longest single posts available on the market.

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If you are a professional dog or cat groomer, show your dogs or cats, or just want great looking pets, you should choose a Midwest grooming table.This system allows one hand height adjustment while holding the animal with the other.

View a vast selection of Grooming Arm, all carefully selected.Can be adjusted up or down in height, left or right in position (swivels) or removed completely by the user.


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