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Learn How to Play the Trombone Chromatic Scale in Under 3

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By Typical Chromatic Harmonicas I am talking about a harmonica that has a full chromatic scale repeated every octave and employs a slide to play some of the notes.

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It is important to learn this scale when learning to play music, if not just to make sure you know all the notes on your instrument.

Active tone - A tone that has a strong tendency to resolve in a specific direction, e.g., the leading tone.

Listen to the audio clip and notice how the notes actually move in a fairly simple and straightforward manner, always moving by semitone intervals up and down the chromatic scale.A chromatic scale on any musical instrument is a scale that usually goes up 1 octave then goes down again.Chromatic means from one note to the very next, or in half-steps.In a major key, mi and ti form a semitone with the pitches above them in the scale.

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The chromatic scale is constructed entirely of half-steps — no notes are skipped.

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Chromatic definition is - of, relating to, or giving all the tones of the chromatic scale.In other words, the 12 tones in a chromatic scale are a half-step or semi-tone apart.This is a combined effort with submissions by Vern Smith and myself.

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That pattern is the chromatic scale, and it is created by simply ascending (or descending) by half-steps and thus playing all possible pitches.The chromatic scale is a musical scale with twelve pitches, each a semitone above or below another.A chromatic semitone can be manipulated to be a diatonic semitone and vice versa.Diatonic Intervals occur between the notes of a diatonic scale while chromatic intervals occur between the notes of a chromatic scale.

The video is suitable for those students studying grade 4 of the ABRSM.

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The chromatic scale is a nondiatonic scale that consists of half steps only.They are equivalent, but one is a chromatic semitone, and the other is a diatonic semitone.

Half Step & Whole Steps : Chromatic Scales in Music Theory

The chromatic scale consists entirely of half steps, and uses every pitch on the keyboard within a single octave.


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